Part II: Will Franchised Dental Implant Centers be There for You?

In Part Two of our look at franchised dental implant centers, we address the problem of taking care of restorations as time goes on. The human mouth is constantly changing. Our teeth go through of lot of wear and tear, from daily chewing and biting, to grinding or clenching. What happens when you need cleaning, or need additional work on your restorations?

Franchised dental implant centers specialize in getting you in and out quickly, but are not set up to take care of your daily oral health. Your local dentist and oral & maxillofacial surgeon are there to stay. They know your dental history, and have your best interests in mind.

At Lake Geneva/Burlington Oral Surgery, our Board Certified surgeons are established in the community and here to stay. We can look at any problems with your restorations and determine solutions that are best for you, based upon our relationship with you and knowledge of your dental history, and your particular situation.

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