Bone Morphogenic Protein, or BMP, is a patented product made by Medtronic.  Through the use of DNA technology, they have manufactured the BMP molecule that exists in the human body.  This molecule induces cells in our body to form new cartilage and bone.  In the past, bone was harvested from the hip or jawbone.  BMP often eliminates the need for a donor site, and the accompanying complications that may arise.

BMP comes in a liquid form that is then sprayed onto a spongy material.  This “collagen sponge” is placed where bone is needed. In six months, the patient’s body will grow bone into the area.  The sponge gradually dissolves, and the BMP molecule goes away once it has completed the job of “jump starting” the normal bone healing process. Implants can then be placed into this newly formed bone, which has the patient’s DNA makeup, is healthy, and has a great blood supply.

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